Some of the companies that Celebrity Ink Autographs recommend or Associations that we are members of.    Our sister company specialising in movie star autographs obtained at premieres, award ceremonies, theatres and red carpet events. 

RACC - Real Autograph Collectors Club:    The Real Authograph Collectors Club is an online community of in person autograph collectors, fans, and sellers (with 20,000+ members in over 100 countries) who have collectively obtained over 1 million signatures.  Celebrity Ink Autographs are RACC Trusted Seller #184.

AFTAL -  Autograph Fair Trade Association.   AFTAL was formed by a group of acknowledged autograph dealers, with the intention of stamping out the market in fake items and ensuring that the customer is able to find dealers that they can trust.  Celebrity Ink Autographs are AFTAL Approved Autograph Dealer #114. 

UACC - Universal Autograph Collectors Club.  Founded in 1965 the UACC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of the autograph collector.  Celebrity Ink Autographs are a UACC Registered Autograph Dealer.